Whether teaching first-year writing, upper-class literature, creative writing, or online courses, my pedagogical objective, following from such theorists as Peter Elbow and Kenneth Macrorie, is to promote student collaboration and encourage the expression of individual interests and learning processes.  Of course, the primary goal in all these environments is to improve writing competency, writing self-reflexion, and critical reading skills, what I call Reading-as-an-Editor. Therefore, I require students to act as both editors and writers, with the peer-review process acting as among the most important procedures to scaffold not just writing and reading competencies, but, perhaps more importantly, to assist them in developing self-confidence in regards to their writing abilities.  In order to accomplish these priorities, I increasingly takes advantage of emerging Internet technologies and software programs to innovate new ways of approaching class material.

Sample Syllabi and Evaluations

Writing Studio

Classical Global Mythology

Fictions of the Millennial College Experience

Animal Studies: From The Lion King to Stephen King

The Young Adult Novel and Mental Illness

Technical Writing

Global Texts: Adaptation and Appropriation

The Medical Humanities and Creative Writing

English 2 Postmodern Communities

Amaranth: Creative Writing and Journal Publication

Sci-Fi and Contemporary Culture (online)

First Year Writing| Comp/Rhet

Digital Culture and The New Sincerity

Evaluation Portfolio

*More syllabi and evaluations available upon request.