Conference Papers

2017—“ ‘Unlike Other So-Called Memoirists, I Refuse’: Questioning of Genre in The Pale King.” American Literature Association (ALA). “Special Topics in David Foster Wallace” panel. May 25-28. Boston, Massachusetts.

2016—“Lydia Millet’s My Happy Life: Trauma and the Destruction of Language.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). “American Women Writers: Second-Wave Feminism, Poetics, and Domestic Abuse” Panel. Mar. 17-20. Hartford, CT. {abstract}

2015—“Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren: Bellona, or the (Ir-Real) City of Freedom.” Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA). “Urban Studies” panel. Nov. 5-8. Philadelphia, PA. {abstract}     

2015—“Eschatological Anxieties in Bleak House: Preservation in Destruction.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA). “Victorian Studies” panel. Nov. 13-15. Durham, NC.{abstract}

2015—“‘Symptoms of Disease’: The Latter Foucault and Contemporary Mental Illness.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA). “Madness in American Literature” panel. April 30-May 3. Toronto, CA.

2014—“Web 2.0 Distribution Culture and The New Sincerity.” MAPACA. “Internet Culture” panel. Nov. 6-8. Baltimore, MD.{docx}

2014—“‘Now is the Time for Me to Win’: Social Dysfunction and The New Sincerity in the Work of George Saunders.” NEMLA. “George Saunders” roundtable. April 5-8. Harrisburg, PA.

2012—“‘You Are Called to Account’ ”: McCain, Dostoevsky, and David Foster Wallace’s Ideologies of Sincerity and Sacrifice.” American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA). Our Nihilist Phase: Nihilism in David Foster Wallace” panel. March 30-Apr 3. Providence, Rhode Island.{abstract}

2011—“The Grammar of Culture: Tutoring Graduate ESL Students.” Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association (MAWCA). April 16. West Chester, PA.

2011—“Agony’s Contest: Representations of Depression in the Modern Memoir.” NEMLA. “Disordered Narratives” panel. April 8-11. New Brunswick, NJ.