James McAdams grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL, where he teaches English and Literature. He holds a Ph.D. in English from Lehigh University. His stories, poems, academic articles, and essays have appeared in over fifty venues, including Amazon/Day One, Bending Genres, Superstition Review, and B.O.A.T.T. Press. He is Flash Fiction editor of Barren Magazine and is working on a
novel-in-flash about the opioid epidemic. His debut short story collection, Ambushing the Void, was released in May 2020. Ominem unius libri timeo.

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In 2017, James earned his Ph.D. from Lehigh University, where he completed his dissertation entitled “ ‘A Psychiatrist is the God of Our Age’: Contemporary American Fiction and the Postmodern Critique of Psychiatry.” His research and teaching interests include:

  • the medical humanities
  • the digital humanities
  • creative writing
  • postmodernism/post-postmodernism
  • the history of the memoir
  • disability studies
  • new media studies
  • print culture

Currently, James is a Visiting Instructor of English and Digital Teaching Fellow at the University of South Florida-Tampa, where he teaches literature, technical writing, and professional writing. He is also chair of the department’s Digital Humanities Professionalization Colloquium, and an enthusiastic supporter of the MFA program. He also teaches Writing at Ringling College of Art+Design. He is Flash Fiction editor at Barren Magazine. In his free time, he is working on a novella-in-flash, The Florida Shuffle: My Summer in Rat Park, expanding his dissertation into a book-length project about psychiatry and addictionology (tl; dr), and teaching at community literary and writing events in St. Petersburg, FL. He can be reached at james@jamesmcadams.org and followed @jamestmcadams.